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Continental application of foamed concrete technology

  • Continental application

Abstract/Photo copyright of: Oginni, F. A.: Continental application of foamed concrete technology: Lessons for infrastructural devel-opment in Africa. British Journal  of Applied Science & Technology, vol. 5 ($), pp. 417-424, 2015.

The properties of foamed concrete as a variable density concrete, is now being tapped for effective application in the global construction industry. This study presents the properties and applications of this type of concrete at varying densities highlighting the advantages and circumstances for its use. Economic and Other Considerations together with its multipurpose applications were also presented. Comparative study of the in-volvement levels in the use of foamed concrete technology economy by the various con-tinents was undertaken. Results indicated that Asia and Europe alone accounted for 50% and 33.3% respectively, totalling 83%. Africa’s exposure level to foamed concrete technology is only 5.6% which is grossly non-commensurable to the population on the Continent compared with shares from other parts. Some research and development ef-forts were presented to show that there are opportunities for ground-breaking research works in this field.