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Animal Litter using LithoFoam®

  • Innovadora camada de animales

Van Nieuwenhuijzen-Van Rooijen, Y. M. and Verseveldt, P. H.: Particulate clumping animal litter materi-al and process for the production thereof. Patented by SIVOMATIC BV, 2007.

The invention provides a particulate clumping animal litter material comprising bentonite dust, a filler material, and optionally a coagulant, wherein the material comprises 50-95 wt. % bentonite dust, wherein the particles of the particulate clumping animal litter material have a weight averaged particle size in the range of 0.25-8 mm and wherein the material has a bulk density equal to or less than 700 gram/l. The invention further provides a process for the production of the product. The product is light weight but still clumpable and scoopable. The product according to the invention eliminates odours quickly and naturally with no need for added chemicals or perfumes to mask odours. The filler material is a protein-based foam.